• Visa and Tax

    in less than 2 minutes.

  • We heard

    "Give us a tool that assesses international
    business traveler compliance issues."

    "Make it easy."

    "Manage the cost."


  • We listened

    Permiso™ is non-proprietary and supported by the
    best legal and technical minds in the industry.

    It's fast, easy and affordable,
    even though it's very sophisticated.

You know the problem.
You need a solution.

Business happens fast and international travelers just need to get there. It can be time consuming and expensive to evaluate visa, work permit and tax issues.

Global business travelers may be breaking the rules.

The rules can be vastly different from one country to another, and there's more to consider than just one trip in isolation.
It's complicated!

The risks are real.
It's time to pay attention.

Fines, penalties and restricted travel may result, not to mention a tarnished
enterprise reputation.

For the Enterprise

Permiso™ automates business travelers' compliance with immigration rules.

Easy for the traveler

In just 2 minutes, Permiso™ lets your business travelers know whether or not they need guidance before (or while) they book travel.

Peace of mind for you

Rest easy knowing that travelers are not putting the company at risk.

Save money

Minimizes the need to consult an immigration lawyer when planning global travel.

For Service Partners

Help your clients (and their employees) seemlessly manage their global business travel compliance issues

Permiso™ makes compliance an effortless step as an automatic part of the booking process. It assesses immigration and tax regulations and generates a comprehensive audit trail should you need the facts to protect your client in the future.

Non proprietary

Brand the solution as your own and deepen the relationship with your clients.

Turnkey solution

No need for your IT staff to get involved - Permiso™ is delivered as "software as a service.".


Our experience building legal compliance software translates into a manageable price for you.

The Benefit


Now you can offer your clients a solution that delivers the most sophisticated technology, backed by legal experts you trust - and at a price you can afford.

Pearl Travel Tech

Legal Expertise + Proven Technology

Our mission is to minimize the hassle of legal compliance associated with global business travel. We will not only replace expensive travel assessment services with software, but also deliver a new level of enterprise wide compliance with ever changing immigration and tax rules and regulations.


From the founders of

Pearl Law Group
Tracker Corp